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Because training is hard. It’s physical. Just like with any positive adversity, the rewards come from pushing through. Especially in the start, you will have periods when something will go down in your daily life that will put more stress on you, maybe make you feel tired. You start slipping, skipping training sessions and before you know it, it’s been so long that it’s awkward going back. That’s why we try to encourage upfront commitment, to help you get into a cycle of consistent improvement. That’s the only way to get the true benefits of Training, the magic that happens when you start to get a hang of it.

Getting Started

If you are trying out a class for the first time, we recommend bringing a mouth guard, hand wraps, water, comfortable workout attire, and wearing flip flops, sandals or crocs as footwear. Hand wraps are required to take Muay Thai and USA Boxing. A Mouth Guard is required to train in every class. We have these items for sale if you need to purchase them. See the front desk, they will be happy to help.

We offer a two-day trial for $10. You and or children can train any of our BJJ, Muay Thai or USA Boxing classes for two days. See the front desk when you come in and they will have you complete a waiver, set you up with some trial equipment. IF you are taking Muay Thai or USA Boxing hand wraps are required and a mouth guard is required to train in all our classes. We don't loan that out because it would be gross 🤢. You can purchase them at the front desk or you can bring them if you already have them.


Combat Club competes in many tournaments and events. Our Brazil-021 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Members compete in IBJJF, NAGA, New Breed, US Grappling, Grappling Industries, Local Tournaments and more. Our Muay Thai Class Members participate in IKF Point Sparring, IKF, and WKA Events. USA Boxing Members compete with USA Boxing, Pre Olympic Qualifiers, Silver Gloves, and Golden Gloves.


Safety is one of the best policies supporting our training. When sparring, members will wear Combat Clubs Sparring Gloves. This ensures in the beginning that everyone is sparring with proper gloves. We recommend purchasing and training in the following brands (we are not affiliated with any of the brands).

Freezing & Cancelling

You can freeze your membership anytime for any reason from 1 to 13 months. Freezing your membership requires a 30-day notice. You must submit a freeze form at our front desk or complete a DocuSign electronic freeze form. Any billing that is due during that 30-day notice will be billed. Example: if your membership is due on the 15th and you freeze on the 12th of the month your membership will still be charged on the 15th and your next month’s bill on the 15th will not be charged. It is recommended to freeze in advance of the next billing date. Upon the end date of the freeze form billing with resume. You cannot freeze payments of retail items that have been placed on your member’s account. If you cannot come in to freeze your account in person please email us to request a docusign form.

You can cancel your membership anytime with a 30-day notice. You must submit a cancellation form at our front desk or complete a DocuSign electronic cancellation form. To cancel your membership without paying a cancellation fee. You can provide, proof of moving more than 35 miles away, medical documentation that states you cannot train longer than 6 months, Military Orders of EAS, PCS, PCA(more than 35 miles away), or deployment longer than 6 months. If you have completed your membership of 12 months there is no fee to cancel. If you do not meet any of the previously stated criteria there is a $250.00 cancellation vice paying off your entire contract. If you cannot come in to cancel your account in person please email us to request a docusign form. Please note you must have a $0 balance on your membership account to cancel your account.

Any paid in full refund will be processed 90 days after your last visit. After your last visit, your membership will be billed at the normal rate for the time you were here, any remaining balance will be refunded via check mailed to the address on file. Members that usually take advantage of our sales may not recieve a refund because the membership was purchased at a discounted rate.